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Is Teeth Whitening Permanent?

Is Teeth Whitening Permanent?

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a method used to make teeth look better by making them whiter and brighter. There are a few options for this procedure, including whitening the teeth themselves or covering them up with dental veneers or crowns.

Teeth whitening is a common procedure in both general dentistry and the burgeoning field of cosmetic dentistry. Patients are mostly worried about how long lasting the effects will be and how often they will have to whiten their teeth. 

Our Teeth Whitening Process

Home bleaching, supervised by your dentist, is a safe and effective way to brighten your smile. As with any procedure there are benefits and risk. The hoped-for benefit is whiter teeth. The risks include, but are not limited to, very rarely, hot and cold sensitivity. These problems occur in less than 2% of patients treated and are of very short duration. Discontinue treatment and inform our office if any symptoms occur. It is important that you apply the teeth whitening gel properly, so you do not waste any of the gel, and that you experience the least amount of sensitivity.

While there is no guarantee of tooth whitening and the amount of tooth lightening is unpredictable, most lighten 1 to 2 shades. The average treatment time is 1 – 3 weeks but some results may be seen in a couple of days. More difficult cases may require extended treatment times. The exact duration of whitening varies among patients.

1. Prior to Treatment:

Brush and floss just prior to bleaching your teeth. The whitening gel is the most effective with clean teeth. Make sure that the bleaching trays are clean and dry before applying the whitening gel.

2. Applying the Bleaching Gel:

When you apply the gel make sure not to fill the trays. Place a SMALL drop of tooth whitening gel half way up on the inner front surface of tray (in the front of each tooth in the tray). Recap the syringe. The average treatment per arch requires approximately 0.5ml of whitening gel.

3. Inserting the Bleaching Trays:

Insert whitening tray in the mouth over the teeth. Seat the tray firmly against the teeth. If any excess gel gets on your gums wipe off with your finger or tissue.

4. Wearing Time:

10%, 16% or 22% strength can be used overnight while sleeping.

35% bleaching gel: use for 30 minutes once per day.

5. After Whitening:

Remove the tray and rinse off your teeth. Brush any remaining gel away. Brush, floss and continue routine dental cleaning. Use sensitivity toothpaste if your teeth become too sensitive.

6. Caring for Your Trays and Gel:

Clean whitening trays with a toothbrush and cold water. Store trays in the tray holder and gel in cool dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

Conduct your whitening session once per day until desired level of whitening is attained.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Whitening your teeth is a great cosmetic improvement, but it is not permanent. Teeth whitening can leave you with results that last anywhere from a few months to three years. You may not achieve the same results if you smoke or drink coffee, red wine, or colored sodas regularly, or if your tooth enamel is thin. Maintaining your newfound pearly whites is as simple as keeping up with your regular dental checkups and cleanings, consuming plenty of water, and brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily.

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