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Dental Cleaning in Boynton Beach


The Importance of Dental Cleaning

A dental cleaning is a professional cleaning you receive from a specially trained dental hygienist. Regular dental hygiene visits are critically important in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Dental hygienists remove the plaque, tartar, and calculus (hardened plaque) that you can’t reach with regular brushing and flossing. When plaque, that sticky film that forms on your teeth, goes unremoved it will harden due to the calcium and other minerals in your saliva. If this hardened buildup is not removed it can cause gingivitis, and often periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, which is the loss of bone supporting your teeth. If you lose enough bone supporting your teeth it will cause your teeth to loosen and the affected teeth must be removed and replaced by your dentist.

Once you develop enough calculus or tartar on your teeth you may have to have a procedure called scaling and root planning. Scaling and root planning is explained below.

What is Scaling and Root Planing?

Scaling and root planing is the process of removing plaque and tartar from all tooth surfaces with a variety of methods, depending on the amount of plaque and tartar. Dental hygienists traditionally perform scaling by hand. However, new and advanced technology has led to more modern methods such as electric scalers. This sophisticated tool allows dental cleanings to be performed more efficiently and in less time. Both electric and manual scaling methods can be combined to achieve the best results. Polishing completes the cleaning, making the surface of the teeth smooth and minimizing future plaque build-up.

Treating and Keeping your Gums Healthy

While most people put focus into having bright, white teeth, having healthy gums is an integral component of dental hygiene. In fact, no matter how white the teeth are, poor gum hygiene can lead to plaque below the gum line, which can cause damage to the bone which supports your teeth and, in turn, your teeth can become loose and even fall out.

Here at Begnoche, Tumminia, and Aliapoulios, we want you leaving with your mouth in as good of health as possible. As a result, our cleanings all involve a thorough analysis of the gums, as well as determining the overall health of your gums, jaw, teeth, and the tissue in your mouth. Our cleanings focus also on removing existing plaque to ensure you leave with as clean of a mouth as ever! Contact an experienced dentist to schedule your dental cleaning in Boynton Beach, Florida today!

How to Prepare for your Dental Cleaning

Following through with your daily, dental hygiene is the absolute best way to prepare for a dental cleaning. Brushing and flossing after each meal can keep your mouth clean, as well as cutting your risk of developing dental problems such as cavities, discoloration, or even gum disease.

Staying committed to your dental hygiene daily can ensure that your dental cleaning goes as smoothly as possible!

Dental Cleaning in Boynton Beach, Florida

Do you or a loved one need your teeth cleaned? Contact an experienced Boynton Beach Dentist today. We have been in business over 40 years and would love to help you share your best smile!!

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